Wednesday April 20, 2005 Trashcan Sinatras- Tin Angel Philadelphia.

America has been suddenly spoiled by the Trashcan Sinatras. After many years of silence suddenly we have two releases and now a second US tour. It was my first time seeing them live after over 15 years as a fan, and they certainly did not disappoint. Vocalist Frank Reader sounds every bit as good as he does in the studio, his alternately plaintive and emphatic voice one of the Sinatra's trademarks. The other trademark is the interwoven guitar work of Paul Livingston and John Douglas, and getting to see them work their magic in person was certainly a highlight. It was great to hear them weave songs from throughout their 15+ year career, and tracks like The Safecracker and I've Seen Everything sat well next to newer classics like Weightlifting and All The Dark Horses. Late into the set, the newer track Weighlifting in particular had a fullness and warmth that elevated it above its studio counterpart.

The Sinatras played a generous 90+ minute set. Generous in the sense that they had already played a similar set earlier in the evening. One of the funnier moments was when an overzealous fan hollered for their early hit Obscurity Knocks and Reader said "We already played that one in the early show." When the fan complained that they had also not played the track last time they were in town, Reader smirked and said "Well, we played it in sound check."

It was an evening of pop magic seeing the Sinatras for the first time. They are a band who have weathered well, and they seem very comfortable together onstage after all of this time.

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